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It’s been a while…

Well, typical to the tech scene, we’ve been busy re-organizing, re-tooling and re-shaping Stylmee.  Although our initial concept was pretty ground breaking; 3D virtual world you could shop; ( and we had a lot of press that agreed ), we really weren’t solving any problems.  Which we’ve learned, more times than not, to be the key to a successful business.

Having said that, we are on the verge of a re-launch.  One that will thankfully put us in the category of providing an answer to a problem.  A pretty big one at that.  Here’s the deal.  We want even the smallest of brands to have the opportunity to expose the tech savvy fashion consumer to their brand.  There has always been one thing getting in the way of that; and that thing is money.

Now, we think we have a solution.  And, shortly, we’ll introduce you to the new Stylmee which is ready for any brand, that wants to have a great image and great exposure among today’s tech savvy fashion consumer.

Stylmee will become a customizable iPad platform that allows any fashion brand, no matter its size, the ability to display their products through an exquisite and interactive experience for both brand presentation and eCommerce on iPad for an incredibly low cost.

Finally, smaller brands can have their very own iPad app to help market and compete with larger, more established brands through eComm & on mobile.
Stylmee provides brands the ability to personalize their UI, post products, allow consumers to save to favourites, share on social and most importantly shop directly with your brand.  We’ve even built in a messaging system that allows you to manage your customer service through the app.  

You’ll have your very own icon, your very own iPad app and your very own brand experience. 
We want to remind all the young brands out there that image is everything. Especially in fashion.  So let us help you build your image, and the brand you’ve always dreamed of having!

Contact us at for further information.  We look forward to hearing from you…

The New Word of Mouth: Marketing Week mention for Stylmee

Great article in Marketing Week on the importance of the new word of mouth; social commerce.  Interesting how we interact with our friends and how that effects our buying habits.

We are in such great company in this great article written by Mindi Chahal, and as usual an honor.  

Hope you enjoy!

Trendhunter features Stylmee: Boutique Simulation

Great feature article in Trendhunter this week about Stylmee as a boutique simulation shopping application.  It’s very interesting to see how Stylmee is visualized by different media & people; social shopping, virtual boutique decorating, etc.

It’s an honor being called out by one of our favorite sites.  A sign of things to come!fashion

Fashinvest - Experience Shop-ertainment With Stylmee.

We recently attended the 2nd Annual Fashinvest Speed Dating event in NYC where we had a chance to sit down with 25 top fashion / tech VCs. 

We received some great feedback on our platform & we also managed to attract some interest from a couple of key VCs who attended.  

All in all, it was a great opportunity to meet new people, discover some great talent and ideas that are built for the fashion industry and have a chance to talk about Stylmee.

Fashinvest, the host of the event, which focuses on building financial connections for the fashion industry, wrote this post about Stylmee.

How To Enjoy Shopping On Stylmee

1. After registering on Stylmee, members select a boutique design, they name their boutique and once they reach Level 2, can decorate the look by personalizing everything from the floors & walls to the ceiling, to furniture based on their specific taste.  All in a realistic 3D environment.  This boutique becomes YOUR home & identity in the Stylmee community.
Register in app or with Facebook.

Name YOUR boutique and upload an avatar!
Select the size of boutique you wish to have.
Once you reach Level 2, you can personalize your boutique look.
2. Each and every week, there is a new fashion challenge theme.  The challenge to each member is to curate 30 styles in YOUR boutique that, in your fashionable opinion, best matches the theme.  This is what we call challenging our member’s “fashion-ability”.  

3. Once members begin selecting REAL styles from the world’s leading fashion brands; either through the 3D City’s branded boutiques or in 2D from the Brand Collections, they can merchandise these styles to furniture within their boutique.  When other members tap or click on the furniture, these merchandised styles are displayed & are one click away from being discovered, shared and / or purchased.

Shop the 3D Stylmee City.
Tap or Click on the store signs to enter brand boutiques.
Boutiques are merchandised with REAL products from the world’s best brands.

or Shop Brand Collections for a more traditional e-commerce shopping experience.

Brand’s full collections are visible within the “Shop Brand” section.

Curate your 30 styles each week to your “My Styles” by tapping or clicking “+ To My Styles”

Your “My Styles” should match the Theme of the Week to earn points & Stylcash.

4. Along with the weekly fashion challenge theme, there are 10 “Secret Styles” that are selected by fashion bloggers and / or celebrities & Stylmee staff, that when uncovered, provide extra points & Stylcash in the game.  We encourage our fashion celebs to tweet and share “hints” to these styles through their active social media platforms, so keep an eye out for anything with the #fashiongame hash tag.
Five of the 10 Secret Styles have “stars” but five DO NOT so keep an eye out on your dashboard to see when the stars light up!

You’ll also receive a message when you find a Secret Style!

Your dashboard shows you when you’ve discovered a Secret Style.

5. Members can visit each other’s boutiques to see which styles they have curated, share styles through social, comment through the in app messaging system and of course purchase styles directly on the application.  Other members can LOVE items curated in other members boutiques as well as LOVE their boutique to show their approval, earning them points & Stylcash.
Show some “Love”, it will come back to you!

6. Because Stylmee uses REAL branded products as part of the gaming experience, every single style on the application can be purchased by the simple click or tap of a button, to be delivered within days to our member’s homes.
Share on Facebook, twitter, tumblr or via email, find similar styles or buy!

7. At the end of each week, the member who has curated the most of the Top 10 Styles of the week as voted by all Stylmee members becomes the “Stylista of the Week” and earns $100 shopping spree on Stylmee. 

8. Each week there is a new theme and a new challenge for our members. The end goal for members is to earn as many points as possible each week.  The higher the member’s points, the higher the level.  The higher the level, the better the access to  exclusive, special offers from brands. *coming soon

You’ll only have access to your level’s offers. Use your “fashion-ability” each week to reach new levels & uncover more exclusive offers.

We hope you enjoy your experience on Stylmee and we welcome any feedback you may have that can make our shopping platform better! 
Email us at with your questions, comments & feedback!

Stylmee Featured in WWD Article

What an honor to be mentioned by the “bible” of the fashion industry; Womens Wear Daily! 

The WWD article written by Rachel Strugatz; featuring our great friend Macala Wright; @macala, really points out that the fashion industry is starting to become much more open minded to find new ways to engage their customers and aspirational customers.

We believe it really boils down to the fact that consumers are starving for entertainment.  As more and more options are made available to fashion consumers of where and how to buy, there still lacks a sense of entertainment.  After all, we believe shopping is really a form of entertainment. So its a natural fit when you create an environment for shoppers to have fun while shopping by playing and testing their “fashion-ability”.  It’s a fantastic way to engage with the fashion consumer.

That’s why we believe the future of fashion ecommerce really does include Stylmee. Let us know what you think.

Congratulations To Boutique Altamoda our “Stylista of the Week” Winner!

Congratulations to Boutique Altamoda from Treviso, Italy for winning this past week’s “Stylista of the Week” award on Stylmee! The theme was “Hit The Beach” & Boutique Altamoda finished in top spot with 8,770 points!  Luana, owner of Boutique Altamoda showed she has “fashion-ability” by curating some great styles that fit this weeks theme!  

Luana of Boutique Altamoda is our latest Stylmee member to win $100 of shopping on Stylmee that she can use towards anything her heart desires.

Here’s a link to her profile, we suggest you follow this fashionable genius!

This week’s fashion challenge theme is “Weekend Staples”. 

Good luck in this weeks challenge!


This week’s fashion challenge theme on Stylmee is… "Weekend Staples"!
Your fashion challenge; curate the best 30 styles matching this theme to your “My Styles” on Stylmee.
Remember, there are 10 Secret Styles fitting this week’s theme.  Find all 10 and you could earn enough points to WIN $100 in Shopping on Stylmee!  Good Luck to our fashionable members!
This week’s fashion challenge theme on Stylmee is… "Weekend Staples"!

Your fashion challenge; curate the best 30 styles matching this theme to your “My Styles” on Stylmee.

Remember, there are 10 Secret Styles fitting this week’s theme.  Find all 10 and you could earn enough points to WIN $100 in Shopping on Stylmee!  Good Luck to our fashionable members!

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